Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just Add Horns #1: Looking Glass

Looking Glass was a 4 piece formed in New Jersey when the members met as students of Rutger's University. The group broke up, people tried different bands, but eventually the 4 guys got to together to make a serious go at it. After a hookup which got them a showcase for then-president of CBS Records, Clive Davis, they were signed to Epic Records.

They started to work on the some songs, trying out a tune the singer, Elliot Lurie wrote, called Brandy. Various producers tried their hand at making Brandy sound good, but the 4 piece rock band could never get the sound just right. So they decided to produce the song themselves and rerecord it with engineer, Bob Liftin at Regent Sound Studios in New York. They eventually found the ingredient that worked for the song - "just add horns". And voila, the song shot all the way to #1 on August 26, 1972.

Here's a taste of some Looking Glass magic:

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