Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Horn Rock Heaven Top 20 - #16. Was It I - Illustration

Was It I starts off like the musical equivalent of a Mack truck barreling down the highway, a thick rolling groove led by the Clayton-Thomas-like vocals of Billy Ledster. He growls and swaggers asking rhetorically Was It I that put a smile on your face knowing damn well that he did that and more while the horns stab from both sides blanketing the listener in a sonic warmth. Then all of a sudden as he asks again if it was he who made you fall in love, you can begin to hear the doubt creep in and the groove just falls apart. Then like a James Brown encore, the band tries to pick him up as Ledster, now losing his confidence wonders if it really was him after all. Blood, Sweat & Tears may have been more proficient musicians, but they never inflicted as much psychological torture on themselves than Illustration did on this song, from the highs of a roaring semi to the putter of a Volkwagon microbus all in 2 minutes and thirty seconds.

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