Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Horn Rock Heaven Top 20 - #17. Ease My Mind - Gotham

Debut albums in the horn-rock genre are deceiving because many members of said groups typically had some sort of prior recording experience. Thus was the case with Gotham. Nearly every member of this New York powerhouse had his share of stage and studio time before a single note of Gotham’s debut album, Pass The Butter, was recorded. And this may be one reason why it’s difficult to single out one great track from this record. Nevertheless the responsibility has befallen us and we think we’ve chosen wisely.

‘Ease My Mind’ is a matrix for the ideal horn-rock tune. The triple-threat of a powerful horn section, a dominating vocalist, and a tight rhythm section lead by a guitar virtuoso are all the tell-tale elements of what made the music of this genre so respectable. And Gotham hits the trifecta on this number. Within 10 seconds of the tune, the band is already riding the pedal to the floor. And for the next four minutes they seemingly find a way to drive harder and harder. After one listen you’d be hard-pressed not to agree. The only thing that won’t ‘easy your mind’ upon listening to this gem is the knowledge that there was never a follow-up record. The other 10 songs on Pass The Butter will have to suffice.

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